In you I found a story I want to keep hearing, in you I see all colours not just the weekend

50s American housewife drops acid (thanks, V):

The Wild goddam West (thanks, G).

If rappers were copywriters (thanks, J).

Bill Murray infographic (thanks, V).

Shit PR ideas (thanks, W).

Commentary to rival honey badger (NSFW if you’re a dog. Thanks, J):

10 things wrong with the modern blockbuster (thanks, G).

GTAV on the SNES.

The Humping Pact (thanks, J).

The horror of getting caught checking out computer porn (thanks, G):

Get a picture painted and help stop cancer (nb: this is a charity link, not an entertainment one).

Awful comic book artist dissected (thanks, D).

Everything in a Golf (thanks, G).

Brand generator for students getting their book together (thanks, W & S).

Let this site choose movies for you (thanks, G).

Good ‘lost’ signs (thanks, D).

Steve Albini’s letter to Nirvana about producing ‘In Utero’ (thanks, E).

Amazing projection mapping (thanks, B):