I guess they think that I’m not good enough for you. I can tell the way they act and their weekend*

The strangely hypnotic local news announcements of Mike Myers’ impending baby (thanks, V):

I can’t really explain this but I laughed a lot (thanks, J):

The most ridiculous Yugoslav album covers of all time (thanks, D).

Brilliant drug advice (thanks, J):

Design jargon bullshit (thanks, D).

Erotic pictures of Hitler and Eastenders people (thanks, J).

Inadvertently dirty animation (thanks, J).

Grayson Perry’s wonderful Reith lecture (thanks, J).

What different countries lead the world in (thanks, M).

Odd footy endorsements.

Brilliant photo recreations (thanks, J).

Amazing pictures of dogs shaking their jowls (thanks, C).

Goes well with the random shit from earlier in the week: how to toilet train your toddler (thanks, J):

Butthoven’s 5th (thanks, J):







*Colonel Abrams’ version, not BOC.