In this world of villains do you see the crime? Is a superhero waiting at the edge of the weekend?

Ikea or Death (thanks, C).

Brides throwing cats (thanks, V).

Game Of Thrones Bad Lip Read (very funny; thanks, T):

Very funny, insane, crazy, brilliant comedy routine (very NSFW):

Russell Brand entertainingly interviews a couple of homophobic men (thanks, J):

Animals hiding in the London Underground (thanks, G).

The man who shrunk his home town (thanks, J).

10 life lessons to unlearn (thanks, L).

15th Century Flemish portraits recreated in an airplane lavatory (thanks, M).

Disney’s latest movie pitch (thanks, J):

Every outfit Walter White has ever worn in Breaking Bad (thanks, Y).

Porn comments on Instagram pics (NSFW; thanks, J).

Anti-trumpeter rant (thanks, J):