Talking about a revolution

Here’s an entertaining and interesting interview with Russell Brand that was doing the interweb rounds last week:

And here’s the capacious essay which expands upon these thoughts.

I have a great deal of admiration for Mr. B. I’ve seen him do stand-up three times in the last year and he’s always been very intelligent and articulate (I think he’s on tour now if you want to find out for yourself). I even liked Get Him To The Greek.

But this isn’t about him.

It’s about us.

Here’s how I see the world:

We’re ruining it to the point where it’s going to be uninhabitable. Whether physically, through the consequences of environmental damage, or in terms of quality of life, where the iniquities of privilege are detroying the existences of the vast majority of the people on Earth.

I also feel either powerless or apathetic about how to improve that.

Even though I think about it every single day – are we just heading for a version of The Road, or waiting to drown much of the planet in rising sea levels, or pissing people off so much that at some point they (we?) will rise up and lead us (them?) into martial oblivion – I can’t quite stir myself to make a difference (aside from writing this post and hoping it will do some good, but simultaneously believing it will do no such thing).

I read about the rich screwing the poor every day, but I do it on one of my iPads from the bedroom of my Primrose Hill flat next to a wardrobe full of Prada clothes. I’m definitely part of the problem, which might be why I don’t want to do anything about it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a great deal of enthusiasm from the rest of society. I’d happily reduce my wages to increase those of somebody else, but only if we all do it. Selfishly I don’t see why I should knock my salary down to the average if someone else is going to continue earning £1m a year.

And obviously that attitude will never help anything. Sorry about that.

But what will cure the world? What will reverse the damage? What will save us?

I suppose I’ll just continue to think none of it really applies to me until it’s right there in front of my face and I have to confront the fact that my grandchildren will grow up in an unliveable Hades that used to be a green and pleasant land with plenty for all. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll do something to stop the snowball rolling down the hill…

Or maybe you will.

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