Give blood

Hi all,

Do you give blood? You really should. It obviously helps people who might otherwise die, particularly around this time of the year, when people seem to be more likely to pop their clogs.

I gave blood thirty times before a fairly long run of tattooing prevented me from doing so again (you can’t give blood within six months of having a tattoo, fact fans. Nor if you’ve had unprotected sex with a prostitute. Or been to a dodgy part of sub-Saharan Africa. Or shared needles with someone. Basically, the blood donation centre is full of quite dull people). So with me off the team the dying people of Britain need you.

Yes, you.

Not that guy behind you.

There’s a place near Oxford Circus, and I recommend weekday mornings to avoid the crowds (if anyone in my department is reading this, you are free to come in a bit late if it’s because you’ve given blood). You also get tea and biscuits and a really warm feeling of having done something nice for people.