And last, but not not least: Morrison’s

Animated gingerbread man prances around the Christmas feast-laden dinner table of Ant and Dec while singing ‘Be Our Guest’.

The problem here is that I have no idea which of these two is Ant or Dec, so Ant (or Dec) and Ant (or Dec) dash in and sit down. Then Ant (or Dec) and Ant (or Dec)  smile with delight at the acrobatics of the animated gingerbread man before Ant (or Dec) receives a flying napkin and makes an oddly disgusted face (was that really the best take?) and grabs a won ton from a won ton stand. Inspired by this, Ant (or Dec) takes a spicy prawn from the bottom of a pile (why? I have no idea. I think he might be educationally subnormal), Ant (or Dec) has a bit of panettone and Ant (or Dec) enjoys a mouthful of crackling, proclaiming it to be ‘delicious’. We then see the Morrison’s chefs, which are surprisingly small and plastic, and Ant (or Dec) enjoying some snow that turns out to be sugar (or cocaine; we never find out). The gingerbread man kicks some jizz onto Ant’s (or Dec’s) jacket (disgusted look again), while Ant (or Dec) pulls a cracker with the gingerbread man and someone flips a little biscuit into his mouth, causing Ant (or Dec) to look miffed. It all ends with a flourish from the gingerbread man, before Ant (or Dec) seems to suggest that Ant (or Dec) eats the little confectionary hominid.

Shit has been sucked.