Another side project creative

Martin McAllister has, like a few others of you, dipped into the world of the app to feather his nest, stretch his legs and widen his horizons:

It’s called Your Amazing Family Circus, and Martin says, ‘It’s an interactive kids story book that takes your family’s faces, runs them through filters before adding them to the illustration, and adds their names to the story. Surprisingly there’s nothing else like it in the app store.’

That is a surprise.

I was stunned.

So much so that I went to check that this ridiculous claim was actually true. Could there really be no other face-transplant-family-story-circus apps out there?

Fuck me. He’s right.

Get in on the ground floor before the inevitable thousands of copycats pile in.

(Unsarcastically: nice one, Martin. It looks like a cracker and I applaud your gumption.)