Man dies first reel, people ask what’s the deal. This ain’t how it’s supposed to be, don’t like no weekend.

Stop these white people (especially 3&4. Thanks, J).

Romantic movie poster clichés (thanks, T).

Sugar-free Haribo reviews (thanks, J).

Biggie & Thomas (thanks, D):

Lego album covers (thanks, T).

In-fucking-sane optical illusion (thanks, J):

Utterly magical: photographer inserts herself into her childhood photos (thanks, P).

Brilliant Soviet anti-drinking propaganda posters (thanks, J).

Bill Murray is very interesting (thanks, R).

How long can you listen to Michael Owen’s guided tour of Dubai without either falling asleep or committing brutal suicide? The record is 3:29. Good luck:

Beach Boys real recording of I Get Around:

Siri answers the deep questions.

Beautiful, heartwarming, homemade sex doll (thanks, J).

Movie quote infographics (thanks, A).

Worst food names ever (thanks, J).

Lego David Bowie: