New Lynx/Axe ad

The new strategy seems to be: make a story about people getting together that is somewhat based on the name of Lynx/Axe’s new deodorant (see the astronaut one).


I mentioned this recently, but I’m just not sure what that’s got to do with Lynx.

The last one told me astronauts are the ultimate in hot men (thanks for the tip).

This one suggests that getting it on is better than war, so does that mean we should all buy Lynx, be more likely to get it on, then avoid war?

But that doesn’t really come out in the vignettes. Why does the tank woman want the tank driver, who she seems to recognise? Not apparently due to the Lynx effect.

Fuck knows.

I think I’ve wasted far too many brain cells trying to figure out something that is ultimately bloody pointless.

The shame is that they still had the core concept up to very recently (this 2012 ad is one of the best ever):

Where’s The Lynx Effect idea gone, and why?