I won’t wish my life away, so tell me if you can, who decides when I’m grown up and turned into the weekend?

Really fine Photoshopped tattoos.

A map of the internet (thanks, J).

Food porn index (thanks, J).

Black guy and white guy try to break into a car with mixed results (thanks, D):

Photos of soldiers before, during and after war (thanks, C).

Man draws a penis on his wife’s whiteboard every day for a whole year (thanks, J):

Creatures of adland (thanks, J).

Johnny Rotten on Judge Judy (thanks, J):


Amazon reviews for labia dye (thanks, R).

House of Carbs (thanks, D).

Fun cake recipe (thanks, T).

18 ways British people say ‘fuck you’ (thanks, J).

Global internet porn search terms in a kind of ticker tape stylee (thanks, J).

Diamond engagement rings are a fucking scam (thanks, L):

And if you still haven’t seen this, it’s some Dutch ravers dancing to Benny Hill’s Yakety Sax:

By far the best Kickstarter project I’ve ever seen (thanks, D).

Fucking hell! It’s spiral water! (Thanks, A.)