Save the Children ad

Here’s the latest ad from Save The Children UK.

Someone mentioned it on the blog the other day and asked if I’d do a post on it.

So here it is.

Maybe I missed something, but I’m not sure what the big deal is (if indeed there is supposed to be a big deal). Is it because it’s showing a birth on TV? I guess that could be a bit too much for some squeamish people. Maybe it’s because they’re kind of suggesting the baby is dead? (Too much for some other squeamish people. Or maybe the same squeamish people. Squeamish is a great word, by the way; almost onomatopoeic.)

Otherwise, it’s kind of meh. Babies die during the birthing process, both here and abroad. It’s a terrible shame, but it’s nothing new.

Or am I just being a heartless bastard?