Please help Drive Forward

Last night I gave a talk to the splendid people at Drive Forward, an organisation that aims to get people who have been in care into work.

I told them how I’d got to where I am today and they listened attentively, asked lots of great questions and were a really smart and polite audience.

At the end, Martha, the director of the organisation asked if I knew anyone who could help them with a bit of help with a line and a visual for their organisation.

I said indeed, I know 2-3000 people who read my blog every day. A few of them are bound to want to turn their skills from selling cakes and washing powder to making a real difference to an organisation that does an awful lot of good.

So now the ball’s in your court: are you (ideally) a team with a bit of free time, perhaps even a few hours, who could help Drive Forward? If it gives you the same warm, fuzzy feeling I got from doing my talk I can promise it’ll be very worthwhile. Email me at if you’d like to have a go and I’ll put you in touch with Martha.

While I’m here, I know there are a few CDs and MDs reading this post (assuming you made it this far). If you’d like to give a break to a young person who’s started life in care, you can also get in touch. A lot of the people I spoke to showed a real interest in getting into the industry, so whether you could sponsor one through Watford or take someone on as work experience, again, you’d be making a real difference.

Thanks for reading this. I look forward to reading your emails.

(UPDATE: about ten minutes after I put this up, a kind team stepped forward and offered their services. Big thanks, Ben and Adam. If any of the rest of you would still like to help, do get in touch and I’ll ask Martha if they might need anyone else’s help.)