As of today there’s a new awards show in town, and it’s a little bit different (interest declared: the clever and resourceful chaps behind it are my friends and colleagues, Brydon Gerus and Dan Heighes).

Adcan has no entry fees, the clients are all charities and its purpose is to give young, fresh talent a chance to shine.

As the organisers say:

ADCAN was set up as an awards community with a purpose above and beyond the ceremony itself. Because good causes and charities are often in need of more awareness, filmmakers are continually looking to improve their reel and production companies are forever on the lookout for top talent, ADCAN is their meeting room. 

A new concept in the mix, ADCAN is not only a creative platform to help aspiring filmmakers get exposure within the industry, it is also a means for films to be made that will do some good. Young filmmakers are continually sending out reels to be seen, ADCAN will link them with good causes and charities that need content and put them in front of an impressive array of partners and sponsors including; Vimeo, The Mill, Wave studios, Work editors, Arri Media and creatives Dave Trott, Mark Denton & Ben Kay. Everyone involved in ADCAN is contributing their time & expertise for free.

Check out the site and get filming.

You have nothing to lose but your obscurity.