Side Project number 438

Graeme writes:

Hey Ben, 

Dunno if you still do that semi-regular feature about ad people who do other stuff? But if you do I made a music video in my spare time. 

Why, yes, Graeme; I do indeed. Shall we play the video (which is rather good, for a song that’s rather good)?

Graeme adds:

I can tell you how I made it…

Got in touch with a fella who sends high altitude balloons up fairly regular. Asked if he wanted to help me out in making a music video. He said yes (top bloke). Put GoPro camera in box, attached iPhone to a pole. Sent it into the upper atmosphere. It went approximately 35km high. Then it popped and fell back to Earth. Found it via GPS tracker. Then I motion tracked the several white dots on the front of the iPhone and placed the footage of the singer on that.
Thanks, Graeme.