Just add lots of men to one woman

I saw this in the cinema the other day:


On the surface it’s just one of those bland, pan-global vanilla-blancmange cackheaps.

But the ending’s a bit odd, isn’t it? That lady on the jetty has the opportunity to spend time with one random, hunky bloke then she drinks the magic elixir (Coke Zero) and more men appear from under the water, ready to please her. She shrugs apologetically at the somewhat put-out first bloke and…

And what?

And, we can only assume, she enjoys a twentysome where she gets shagged by many random strangers.

Now, I’ve read enough of the Just Seventeen problem page to know that this might be a fantasy for a few ladies out there, but I struggle to believe it’s the cup of tea of enough women to stick it in an ad for Coke Zero.

Of course, many a ‘lucky lad’ has ended a Lynx ad with a bevy of scantily-clad beauties by his side, but it felt as if that lazy sexism was there for the depressing titillation of the adolescent boys. That didn’t make it any better, but flipping the genders just seems odd, particularly for a drink that has thus far been marked to men, and not without a fair bit of sexism of its own:

So I’m confused. I’m also aware that I’m giving this way more thought than it deserves, but y’know, if Germaine Greer isn’t going to stand up for the fairer sex then someone has to take the job on.

And it might as well be me.