Oh dear…



This honestly, without exaggeration for comic effect, seems to me like the work of a satirical anti-Conservative blog.

Unfortunately it isn’t.

I guess the intention might have been good, but if it was then the people behind this poster must be a bit unintelligent or out of touch. And they only cut the beer duty by 1p!

‘I say Dave, we’ve reduced the tax on that thing the poor do together – the numbers get called and they all drink or something…?’

‘Going to the alehouse?’

‘No, no – although we have reduced the cost of that as well. No, it’s something called… um… (looks it up) Bingo!’

‘What is it?’


‘I know you’ve worked out what it is, but what is it?’

‘No, it’s called ‘Bingo’.’

‘What on earth is that?’

‘It’s what hardworking people do. That and drinking.’

‘I thought benefit cheats liked drinking.’

‘Them too, but the hardworking poor like both bingo and drinking so I thought we could put up a poster saying how nice we’ve been to them.’

‘You mean pat ourselves on the back for helping the scum of this country alleviate the misery of their everyday lives in a slightly cheaper manner?’


‘Yes, well why not? It’s not often we do anything nice for anyone.’

‘That’s what I thought. So I’ll get (who on earth came up with this thing?) to come up with something.’

‘Thanks, George.’