Page 8

This is another side project, but a very intriguing one:

Hi Ben,

After being discouraged by the high quality of the side-projects you post I almost didn’t send you this email, but then I had lunch and so here we are.
So me and my art director were tossing around conspiracy theories the other day, and this is how the idea for Page8 was born: what if the most interesting or inspiring content isn’t on the first page of Google? Where would you put something you don’t want anybody to find? The 8th page of Google search results, surely. 
The idea was further tossed around and refined a bit, and ended up being:
Feel free to play around, and refresh the page sometimes – it has nicely weird changing backgrounds for the joy of repeat users.
We’re also collecting some of the more entertaining finds at, yes,
If you think this is fun to share and saves you another post to write, then please do so. Otherwise, please tell us why you won’t share it.
Trusting that one takes more energy than the other,
wishing you all the best,
Ramin and Judit
Thanks, R & J. I like this idea a lot. I mean, how many times does Google throw up hundreds of thousands of results, only for you to stop at the third one? What happens further down the line?
Well, now you can find out the easy way.