Shooting stars in midnight pastures and hanging out on clouds beneath the moon. Hitching rides on magic carpets, it’s a fairy tale to me but you’re in the weekend

Mmmm… Pornburger (thanks, V).

Jeff Goldblum laugh remix (thanks, J):

Words fail me:

LA gangbangers in Syria.

The 53 best clips from The Day Today (thanks, C).

And a magical bit of unseen Brasseye (thanks, T):

What you sound like to foreigners (thanks, J):

Model dances involuntarily to Pump Up The Jam (thanks, T):

Saul Bass’s concepts for a poster for The Shining, and Stanley Kubrick’s rejection notes (thanks, T).

Guy scares co-worker. Same reaction every time (thanks, C).

Man goes to ‘Magic: The Gathering’ tournament and poses next to butt cracks (thanks, J).

Charlie Brooker discusses Breaking Bad with Vince Gilligan (thanks, J):

Rejection letters of the famous (thanks, J).

WOWS chest thump remix (thanks, J):

Wes Anderson is a just a rip-off merchant (of his own work. Thanks, T):

And brilliant advice (thanks, W).