Side project ad guys: Nick Dutton


A few months ago I was sent an email from an AMV account man.

He’d written a book and wondered if I’d have a look at it.

I think I was knee deep in some other novel at the time, but then I started reading Elliot Cooper’s Work Here Is Done and soon decided to jump ship.

It’s about a guy whose career is going downhill until he gets a lucky break to take a second chance. It’s funny, insightful, page-turny and really bloody filthy.

As I wrote to Nick: I finished ECYWHID. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I got through it pretty quickly and found myself constantly impressed by how competent the writing was (I know that sounds like a sideways insult but it’s not. I’m honestly really impressed that it reads like a proper novel and at no time did I feel as if you’d dropped the ball or made the characters inconsistent or paced it wrongly or let it sag. That’s what I mean by competent. You did the basics very well indeed). I also thought it was better than many books I’ve picked up in a book shop – like others it reminded me of Jonathan Coe’s What A Carve Up in its deft balance of comedy and drama. 

If you fancy a bit of the above, get in touch with Nick via his website.