Samsung: Nike Good vs evil

New Samsung WC ad:

Which, essentially, is this ad from 1996:

or this ad from a couple of days ago:

Anyway, the assembled all-stars playing a team of nasty robots, aliens, monsters etc. is evidently a well-trodden path.

I see that both Samsung and Nike got round the footballers’ availability issue by using animation. Perhaps that ended up lending itself to an OTT plot; after all, you can do anything in animation.

Also interesting that they’ve made the Messi/Ronaldo rivalry explicit. I wonder how easy it was to clear that with Cristiano (who misses a free kick and gets in Lionel’s way)?

Anyway, it’s an expensive load of old bollocks that I assume the kidz will lap up like a puddle of Smirnoff Ice. It tells me nothing about the phone (ham-fisted insertions of product shots notwithstanding) because, I assume, there is very little to say about it.

Basically, it’s as if Style and Cash got together for a predictable shag, while Substance went home alone for a cry-wank.

Welcome to advertising in 2014.


Jesus wept…