Donna found us in her slow and dreamy way, I can’t hear a word the waiter says. She’s looking older now… The colour of her hair. She walks into the room and pleased to find the weekend.

38 maps that explain the world (thanks, C).

Great music billboards from Sunset Strip (thanks, J).

Seinfeld emojis (thanks, D).

A little doc on the great (Apocalypse Now) cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Hangovers illustrated by taxidermy (thanks, E).

Awesome story, yo.

Great analogies from English students (thanks, C).

The worst musicians of all time (thanks, N).

I just cried laughing at this analysis of Viz perv-baker Fru. T. Bunn.

Mad Men lessons on effectiveness (thanks, A).

Marlon Brando rips Burt Reynolds:

Wu Tang Clan sung by the movies:

What the fuck does the colourist actually do?

How to make McDonald’s french fries (not what you think; thanks, A):

Shots of movies in their real locations (thanks, J).

Jack Nicholson interview (thanks, J).

American Psycho, from book to screen.

Dalek relaxation tape:

Nicki Minaj vid with added flatulence (thanks, P).

And here is how we rock the house, 80s stylee (thanks, J):

And if you like tennis, check my friend Dan’s tennis blog.