Side project time…

Brydon writes:

misterMrs is currently looking to partner with a talented pattern maker or clothing designer, preferably in the LA area. 

Founded by husband and wife duo Brydon & Sharlene Gerus, misterMrs is a wardrobe for postmodern humans. A bold stance against the frivolous cycles of fashion that hold no meaning. 

Clear your closet. Clear your mind. Simplify your life. 

Comprised of a 5 piece all black wardrobe cut uniquely for men and women, misterMrs empowers you to focus on the things that matter while not having to sacrifice on style. 

Sharlene is an account director who has worked with some of fashions biggest names in fashion, including Mario Testino and Vogue. Brydon is an international art director who has created many campaigns for the world’s greatest and most loved brands. He is also the founder of the ADCAN awards. 

please get in touch at

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A niche request? Yes, but if you are in that niche, this is the thing for you.