Prayer is for ‘everyone’ except people who go to cinemas.

The way I see it, if prayer is for everyone, there are three possible audiences for this:

  1. People who already pray. This might make them feel even more virtuous than they do already, and solidify their faith if it’s a bit shaky.
  2. People who are a bit on the fence about praying. Maybe they forget to pray as much as they could/should and this reminds them that you can do it anywhere, no matter what your age or ethnicity.
  3. People who think religion is a stupid load of old bollocks. Perhaps this incredibly persuasive ad will get them to reassess their attitude towards the practical help that can be gained from talking to an imaginary figure in the sky who created the world in six days before having a fag break. Good luck with that!

Anyway, all the major UK cinema chains have banned it because they don’t allow religious or political advertising, so God is going to have to wait for all those amazing messages of thanks, hope and/or self-centred greed.