Some new posters I like

Senan writes:

Hi Ben,

Sorry for cold calling like this.

We’re big fans of your blog and thought we’d share a new poster campaign we’ve just done with Dave Dye at JWT.

Basically, we’re big fans of Record Store Day and decided to contact them help this year and help them to promote the day.

Below is the PR blurb for the poster campaign we created, but I’ve attached the work for you to take a look at. We’re really proud of it and hope you like it as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. All the best,



Well, Senan, I do indeed like it. You might even call me a ‘big fan’. Here’s the ‘PR Blurb’ and the work:


The PR Blurb

Creatives Senan Lee and Pansy Aung love Record Store Day and decided to support London’s Soho record stores by creating a poster campaign in which the independent shops and restaurants of Soho could use to promote their fellow indy record stores.

Each poster features a popular Soho business, except with a hidden ‘vinyl’ twist. Stores selected the posters most relevant to them, wrote their names on it to show they support the day and put them up to tell their customers where all of Soho’s record stores are. The team managed to install them in over 50 independent Soho businesses, including Paul Smith, Beyond Retro, Pizza Pilgrims, Flat White, CyberCandy and HarmonySexShops. 

The posters were illustrated and designed by a team of illustrators and designers with a passion for vinyl, including Dave Anderson, Jordon Cheung and Toby Leigh.

Creative Director: Dave Dye

Creatives: Senan Lee, Pansy Aung

Illustrators: Paul Bower, Dave Anderson, Jordon Cheung, Chris Gilvan Cartwright, Mario Wagner, Toby Leigh

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