The Creative Circle App

I recently read a statistic that the average number of apps downloaded by Americans last year was zero. Can that really be true? Now that we’ve gone through all the ‘drinkable pints’, fart noise generators and Angry Birds I suppose the momentum has slowed somewhat.

But that doesn’t mean it should stop!

My chums at the UK Creative Circle have launched an official app ahead of next week’s Creative Circle Ball. Here’s the blurb…

Keeping you up to date with everything in the run up to the biggest social gathering in the UK’s creative calendar, the handy app enables you to view all the shortlisted, award-winning entries, with the ability to save your favourites into a separate folder.

A whole host of other features have been included to help you navigate the night, including the table plan, guest list, contacts, event agenda and information, and information on all of the night’s sponsors.

There will also be a social feed encouraging guests to post their own photos and statuses from what is promising to be a memorable evening.

Jeremy Green, CEO of Creative Circle, comments: “This really is an exciting development for the Creative Circle and one that should bring out creative community a little bit closer together. The ability to save your favourite work to your phone means you have it on hand for reference at any occasion and you’ll also be able to message other app users – so hopefully plenty of congratulations can be passed around when the winners are announced.”

The app, available to both Apple and Android users, is available on the app store now.

Surely that’s far more tempting than Angry Birds: Ratchet and Clank or Temple Run: 12 Years A Slave…?