It’s the people’s rapper, I ain’t no rapper I’m the rapture on the mornin’ after. You lackin’ passion, you ain’t bad, you just a wack distraction. I can’t relax cause I feel the weekend.

Human population through time:

A couple of creative have made a short film. Give it a watch (thanks, C&C):

Funny wrong captions (thanks, G).

One Tumblr user sent her toe to another. Surprising positivity here.

Eleanor Rigby rhyming tweets (thanks, L).

Visual puns to guess (thanks, L).

Amusing Trump photoshoppery (thanks, P).

Some paperbacks that might not be 100% real:tumblr_oeh822onh01vnd7blo3_250

Bad lip reading: Empire Strikes Back:

Doctor Strangelove documentary: