Guest Post: Writing/Publishing a book.

My friend Damian Simor writes…

Hi Ben,

Reading your book and your experiences in getting it published really did inspire me to write my own. This is the result.

Although I haven’t been as successful as you, I do recommend that anyone else who’s thinking about having a go should just do it! For one thing, it’s a real joy to be able to escape into a world of your own making when work gets a bit tedious. Plus it may look like a pretty gargantuan task to begin with but the whole thing gets a lot more manageable as soon as you break it down into lots of little tasks. The hard part is breaking new ground with little or no quality control. After that I found myself quite happy to spend an insane amount of time sharpening it to get it as good I could.

This Aftermath started life as a screenplay – I was asked by a film producer friend of mine to pitch some ideas for a 28 Days Later sequel (yes, it’s that old) – but turning it into a book has a real upside: If no one wants to publish it, it’s still a book.

If you’re looking for a nice and easy holiday read – 28 Days Later meets Three Kings, basically – you can buy it here for only 99p. Price is no reflection of quality : )

And, while you’re at it, you can buy Ben’s book here:

If you enjoy either of these please give them glowing reviews as every good word helps sales a bit. Thank you.


No, Damian – thank you.