Buy Bob’s Book

The most recent explosion of sweary common sense is now available from the peerless Ad Contrarian, Bob Hoffman:

It’s so full of fascinating, terrifying, essential information that you really need to read it yesterday.

It explains the reasons and the finances behind so much of the advertising you loathe.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to make you much more annoyed and angry, but at least you’ll be aware.

And it’s reasonably short and formatted in bite-sized chunks, making it a bog-read* perfect enough to rival anything Dave Trott has written.

I don’t use Amazon because I don’t agree with how they go about their business, but it’s the only place you can get a copy of Bad Men, so follow this link and get ‘woke’, as the kids probably don’t say anymore.


*’Bog read’ is the highest compliment I can bestow upon a work of literature.