ITIAPTWC Episode 62 – Blackcurrant Tango Director, Colin Gregg

I’ve been putting up great ads from the 90s on LinkedIn.

It started as a snarky attempt at pointing out how ads used to be better, and that even ads from 20+ years ago would be better than the ‘best’ of today.

One of these ads was the wonderful Blackcurrant Tango epic of 1996:

It seems to hold a unique affection for advertising people of a certain generation. I remember speaking to people at the time who said it was the ad that made them want to get into the industry. But even now, people seem to love it as much as they admire it.

So the LinkedIn post got a huge and positive reaction, which made me think it might be good to get the story behind it. My initial idea was to have a 15-20 minute chat with the creatives, the client and the director, giving me an hour of material for a single BCT podcast.

Fortunately, when I started speaking to the director, Colin Gregg, that plan went out of the window. that chat alone was a good 45 minutes, so I realised I’d need three separate episodes.

This is the first; a conversation from the director’s POV about everything from the technical difficulties to the relationship with the agency and creatives.

Colin’s a lovely bloke, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. And if you want to hire him for anything, here’s a link to his current production company home.

And the ‘Making Of’ film that he mentioned:

And – incredibly – the script:

Here’s the iTunes link, the Soundcloud link and the play button.