Ol’ Dirty Bastard is funny (thanks, J):

Star Trek’s Worf being denied for fifteen minutes (thanks, P):

Nice movie poster tumblr (thanks, M).

Antique Store Home doc (thanks, P):

Brilliant messing around with model cars (thanks, V):

Time measured in fast food (thanks, P):

Cats as fonts.

The best title sequence in many years (if you’re lucky/unlucky enough to be an art director, set it to full screen and top volume).

A bunch of pictures that brilliantly sum up the Nineties (thanks, J).

Tom’s Diner/Taxi Driver mashup (thanks, P):


Cassette Boy vs The News:

My friend (and TBWA creative) Paul Pateman’s new illustration site. Maybe hire him or something.

hristopher Walken reads ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ (thanks, J):