Here’s the new Tesco Christmas ad:

When I watched it this morning I realised it had been on the previous evening but I’d only heard it. I was doing something on my laptop and all I could think was ‘what’s that incredibly long ad with Rod Stewart sounding like he’s squeezing one out?’ It didn’t interest me enough to make me look up, though.

So I had a look today and and, one small quibble aside (the piss poor ageing make up) I think they’ve done a good job.

The observation of the family moments at Christmas is pretty skilful, and Tesco is a big enough part of this country’s fabric to justify a ‘British Christmas=Tesco’ ad. Like John Lewis they set their bar quite high and it could all have gone horribly wrong, but in my opinion they’ve pulled it off.

So: closer to the JL end of the scale than M&S.